Saturday, November 17, 2012

Woman in Ireland Killed By Bad Beliefs

What we believe makes a difference.

Savita Halappanavar was a dentist. She was in the process of miscarrying and going into septic shock. Accelerating the miscarriage with an abortion could have saved her life. But the hospital refused, and she died.

This happened last month. Not in 1940.

Sad as it is, Savita's life is only one of many that has been threatened, in modern times, because of this behavior

You might guess that this was in a Catholic hospital (and it was - in Ireland) and you might have even thought I left that detail out intentionally (because I did). The question is: can this possibly make a difference to the morality of the caretakers' actions? That is to say, if you're Catholic and/or Irish: are you saying that it would not have been okay for me to kill this woman, but it would be okay for you to kill her?   An important "detail" that's being missed here is that the baby didn't survive. I don't think anyone expected it to, including the people who killed Savita, despite this ostensibly being their entire basis for withholding medical care. Either those people are morons who didn't notice the connection, or that isn't really what they were motivated by.

There are some implications here that if I were Catholic (or any pro-lifer) who genuinely cared about morality, I would be exploring.

Again: what we believe makes a difference.

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David Bloch said...

I heard the story, and feel pretty certain that there is much more to it. But from what I understand of the situation, and what you present about it, sounds like medical malpractice, possibly felonious behavior, possible racial bias operating, and a criminal investigation and civil suit, are issues.