Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Romney's Religious Coalition Should Terrify the GOP"

An article from before the election is still poignant. The GOP has been hearing predictions of its demographic troubles for a long time. The modern Republican party most strongly appeals to the white, the straight, the middle of the country, the elderly, and the religious - and that last one is the single best predictor of whether an American votes Republican for president. Of course, people in all these categories have just as much right to vote as anyone else, but the problem for the GOP is that the country is not getting whiter, straighter, growing population in the middle of the country, or getting more religious - in fact it's getting less religious, and rapidly at that. This piece at Religion News explains to Republicans exactly why their coalition is like a melting bowl of vanilla ice cream.

GOP, it's not too late - but if you insist on making religion the centerpiece of your coalition, all those secular fiscal conservatives (and there are a lot of us) are out the door. Your move.


Jim Thompson said...

What is a "fiscal conservative"?

david Bloch said...

One of the quandries of the GOP is how to deal with their religious - often Evangelical - constituency. From some things I've read, it seems the main part of the GOP, which would like to be more centrist, finds the hyper religious Republicans risible, an embarrassment, and a problem (how to keep them on board and not cave to their nonsense)
Which begs the question as to what Paul Ryan (who is doubtless ramping up for his candicacy for the 2016 election) really, really believes, and what he's willing to say and promise to keep the Bible folk squarely behind him.
RE: Romney - I find it a real stretch to think that he actually subscribes to the various claims of the Mormon Religion.
In fact, I'd be quite interested to know what anyone who reads this thinks.