Monday, December 10, 2012

San Diego Event Or Atheist News? Email Me! (Also My Other Blogs)

This is just a reminder - if you have an event you'd like to publicize, or San Diego atheist/skeptic/rational news that you'd like more people to know about, please email me and I'll be happy to post it.

Also this is my chance to plug my other blogs - please do check them out.  I try to keep content separated since I know the Venn diagram of interests does not converge the same way in everyone.  Don't be shy about finding me Facebook or LinkedIn too.

MDK10 Outside - my outdoors blog.  Trail running, conservation stuff, vids and pics from trips, some team sports statistical analyses, and occasional beer opinionating.

Speculative Nonfiction - my geek blog.  Singularity and simulation argument posts, space exploration and Fermi paradox discussion, and not to be omitted - metal.  Think of this one as the blog where I sequester all the things I try not to talk too much about on dates.  (And fail.)

Cognition and Evolution - cognitive science, neurophilosophy, linguistics, and the odd interesting evolutionary speculation.

The Late Enlightenment - my history, economics and politics blog.  And to complete the pretension, occasional art that I like.


Jim Thompson said...

Your non fiction site is blocked by Chrome as a Malware site.

Michael Caton said...

I checked it on some security sites, looks fine - sorry it gave you problems.