Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Camp Quest Registration Now Open

The secular summer camp, Camp Quest, is now open for registering campers!  Go here for the California camps:

July 7-13 - near Nevada City (Sierra foothills between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe - beautiful.)

July 21-27 - near Wrightwood (in Angeles National Forest an hour from L.A.)

Somehow there are still a few atheists around who don't know about Camp Quest.  There are chapters all over North America now, and I'm a big fan for two reasons:  1) it's awesome and 2) I was a camp counselor the first year at the Nor Cal one waaay back in '06.  (It was a blast.)  The reason I got involved is that there are still not enough options available for non-religious families who want community.  If we want this whole "atheism" thing to stick, we need to make it something that families do.  Make sure people know about Camp Quest!

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