Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Finally, The Cause of Autism

From Boing Boing.  Pastafarians of course are well-aware of similar links between pirates and global warming.


Philippe Roy said...

Both could be related to deteriorating food quality, or maybe increasing toxicity of fruits and veggies? This graph is clearly designed to be absurd, but the correlation could be worth looking in to. So there.

Michael Caton said...

Absolutely worth looking into whether the trend is real, and if so why. The two top hypotheses (not mutually exclusive) so far are that it is to some degree a reporting artifact created by school and healthcare systems with perverse incentives for parents to push for their kids to be diagnosed with autism for short-term gains; and also an autoimmune model, where the cleaner the environment the kids are raised in, the more likely they are to experience it (this is the profile of other known autoimmune diseases as well).