Thursday, February 14, 2013

Do You Consider Yourself Politically Knowledgeable?

Good! Then quick: how many of these people can you name?

- Both your US Senators
- Your US Representative
- Your State Senator
- Your State Rep
- Your City Councilperson and/or County Commissioner

Note the focus on legislators - people know their executives but you actually have a chance of communicating meaningfully with your legislators. Most people in politics don't mind being out of the limelight. An old truism that legislators share with their interns and staffers is that you know you're serious about politics when you wake up every morning and open the newspaper, hoping desperately your name is not in it.

If you didn't get them all, and you considered yourself politically knowledgeable, then the case for epistemic humility remains worthy of your attention, as it always should if you're a rationalist.

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