Thursday, April 18, 2013

Christian "Academies" Hurting Children

No, it's not the majority of Christian military-style academies, but schools like this are out there - and I challenge anyone to find anything close to this at an "atheist" institution or camp. (Note: the link is to some award-winning reporting and you really should check it out.) Here is what is going on right now, not in North Korea, but at Christian academies, here in the United States:
They shaved him bald that first morning in 2008, put him in an orange jumpsuit and made him exercise past dark. Through the night, as he slept on the floor, they forced him awake for more. The sun had not yet risen over the Christian military home when Samson Lehman collapsed for the sixth time. Still, he said, they made him run. The screaming, the endless exercise, it was all in the name of God, a necessary step at the Gateway Christian Military Academy on the path to righteousness. So when Samson vomited, they threw him a rag. When his urine turned red, they said that was normal.
It pays to ask: what concrete problems do you see associated with religion? How does religion make people behave and make decisions differently? We have an example here.

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Jim Thompson said...

That is sick. Why aren't these people arrested immediately?