Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Around San Diego: Sacrifice and Drag Shows

A sad case of a sick man who hurt his kids:
Joseph Adalberto Ramirez, 32, pleaded guilty to attempted murder earlier this month and agreed to let Superior Court Judge Leo Valentine Jr. decide whether he was insane when he used a broken piece of glass to hurt his son at Mount Hope Cemetery last year.

After reviewing three doctors' reports, the judge concurred with their unanimous findings that Ramirez was incapable of distinguishing right from wrong when he tried to kill his son.
This is a man who was mentally ill in any event, but religion gave him more excuses. Forget the Biblical account of God telling Abraham to sacrifice his son, what about the bizarre belief that even if you kill your kids, they somehow keep on living (i.e. "go to Heaven"?) It seems most Christians thankfully don't believe it as much as Ramirez did:
Deputy Public Defender Courtney Cutter said Ramirez had no history of mental illness until his break from reality in which he thought God was calling him to sacrifice his son to save the world.

Cutter said the defendant's psychotic episode was a mystery to everyone who knew him.

She said Ramirez is eager to get treatment in hopes of regaining his sanity and one day being reunited with his family.

At an earlier hearing, Pirrello said the defendant took his family to the cemetery about 4:30 p.m. last April 28 to visit his uncle's grave. He was accompanied by his son, Daniel, his two daughters -- ages 3 and 18 months -- and their mother, Pirrello said.

A witness, Jaymisha Pires, testified that she and a friend were flagged down near the entrance to the cemetery by the children's mother, Ariana Paredes, who was screaming, "Help, he's hurting my kids."

Pires said Ramirez was holding his children in a tight bear hug near the grave site as she tried to get him to let them go.

"He said, 'They're my kids. They're going to Jesus,'" Pires said.
I'm still waiting for someone to say they did something like this because Richard Dawkins told them to. I think we'll be waiting a while.

And on a lighter note: Thursday there was a drag show at USD, and somehow this was a big deal which attracted the attention of many Catholics, professional and otherwise. What's interesting is the show went on as planned last Thursday, and there weren't shootings afterward, or spontaneous fires...exactly what is the problem the anti-show people were trying to prevent? And more importantly, I guess poverty and all other problems were solved already so they could spend this time worrying about that?

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