Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dawkins to Discuss Child Abuse at Humanist Conference in SD Next Week

Saturday June 1 (that's this coming Saturday!) at 9am, Richard Dawkins will be moderating a panel discussing religious child abuse at the American Humanist Conference. Is there such a thing as a Catholic child? A Muslim or Marxist child? Recently San Diego's own OB Rag interviewed Janet Heimlich, who has a book out called Breaking Their Will about the same topic. And in turn, at the Dawkins Foundation, Sean Faircloth discusses her book and the upcoming panel.

This is a concrete and recurring problem, and there's a lot of doublethink going on in the heads of people who are horrified by child abuse under any other circumstances, but somehow look the other way when someone says "religion", kind of like they're playing tag and on base. (Hopefull you recoil in horror at child abuse being compared to tag.) Just in the last two days there have been two articles that illustrate the problem in how people think about this. First, here's a news article that randomly came up on Google today about yet another case of a child who died due to religion-motivated medical neglect (from my home state of Pennsylvania no less). Now compare this to the equally sad second article, where an infant died due to some irrational but non-religious dietary restrictions by vegan parents. Strangely, no one in the article defends the parents' right to do what they did.

To repeat, this is a concrete problem caused by religion. Register here for the conference.

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