Monday, May 6, 2013

VEGETARIANS: Make Me One of You

I'm totally serious.

The thing is though, if you really want to convert me (and I want you to!) your advice must be basic. Really, insultingly basic. As in, "X kind of beans can be found at Von's. In this aisle. And you have to cook them." The more basic you are and the more complete your advice, the more I appreciate it. Lots of vegetarians have tried to convert me before, and I'm open to it, but they always trail off when I ask them what I should eat. So here's your chance!

Below: the unknown (for me). You can fix this!


Grego said...

The #1 top piece of advice I have for you is: Eat primarily whole, natural foods. It's hard to go wrong when you do this.

The opposite of this advice is: suck down entire 2L bottles of Mtn Dew in a daily attempt to dilute the In-n-Out gutbomb. You've got a long way to go, man.

(Doctors are such awesome nutritionists, you know?)

Michael Caton said...

Again, specific? Whole natural foods LIKE WHAT, AND WHERE DO I GET THEM, AND HOW TO PREPARE?