Monday, July 8, 2013

Keeping Religion Out of Government

Here's Sean Faircloth giving a great talk about how to keep religion out of government - in fact, that's the name of the new campaign that we (that includes you and me) will be giving publicity in the 2016 election cycle. Faircloth is excellent because he has experience in national politics (in the House) and gives actionable, concrete suggestions of how we can help advance secularism. (He also bought me a bunch of beers once when he gave a talk in San Diego so maybe I'm biased. :)

Below is another great talk by Juan Mendez, the Arizona legislator who began a session with a Carl Sagan quote. I'm purposely posting political content here in support of the point that atheism is first and foremost faces a political challenge. The religious neighbor that understands and defends freedom of conscience is less scary than the one who thinks that he has the right to deport or imprison you because of your convictions. Protecting Separation first and foremost is critical.

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