Monday, December 9, 2013

The Year in Review: Atheist Community in San Diego and the U.S.

Two great videos came to my attention, the first from KPBS San Diego largely about Sunday Assembly and the booth in Balboa Park both organized by San Diego Coalition of Reason, the second from Dusty Smith. Enjoy!


theonomist said...

Thanks for sharing. Very interesting.

I was in Balboa Park a couple of months ago and almost stopped to talk with the atheist booth. I have considered going back just to do so to see what they have to say.

I really liked the comedian in the second video where he said that if God really did give the earth to us, then wouldn't he come back, look around and say "WTF?" :D I actually agree with that as a Christian.

Michael Caton said...

You should stop by, they're nice! Tell them I sent you (Mike Caton), that should get a reaction! There's a cartoon I thought was funny with a time-traveling Christian going back and gets Christ's reactions on some things: