Saturday, March 8, 2014

From "Does Therapeutic Yoga Work"? (Hint: No)

In a hopefully successful attempt to piss off erstwhile yogis, the article writers compare therapeutic yoga proponents to the prayer-as-medicine crowd, to hilarious effect:
The media was hyping prayer studies intensely by the late 1990s, but the article in Archives was the high water mark. The journal article caught the attention of skeptical scientists, who decried the absurdity of its methodology. The families and friends of patients in the nonprayer groups probably prayed for them, too, making it impossible to separate the control group from the test group. Does it matter how much time a patient is prayed for or to which God his prayers are directed? How do we know people were really praying? (A cheeky Dutch physician even claimed that he was telepathically influencing the results from across the Atlantic, thereby nullifying the research.)
Full article here, h/t Niveque on fb.

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