Monday, March 10, 2014

Richard Dawkins at UCSD April 2! Tickets on sale NOW!!!!

At UC San Diego's RIMAC, April 2, 6pm. San Diego New Atheists is getting together; RSVP here! (You still have to get your own tickets.) If you're not already a member, no time like the present!

Press release from the Richard Dawkins Foundation:
New York Times bestselling author Richard Dawkins will tour the United States in April to screen his new film, "The Unbelievers", and answer audience questions. The evolutionary biologist will be joined by internationally known physicist Lawrence Krauss, and at one stop by magician Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller. Filmmakers Gus Holwerda and Luke Holwerda of Black Chalk Productions will also appear and take questions.

The film is a road trip documentary that follows Dawkins and Krauss as they make stops around the world, from Australia to New York, to speak out for reason and science. "One of the most remarkable things about making The Unbelievers," said Gus Holwerda, "was to reveal the Richard Dawkins that you don't see in public life. He can be a bulldog at the podium when it comes to defending science and reason, but in the film we see him for the person he is, extremely warm and personable."

Several celebrities appear in the film to support Dawkins and Krauss on their journey to promote reason and science, including Stephen Hawking, Stephen Colbert, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Silverman, Bill Pullman, Werner Herzog, and Bill Maher. The movie ends with The Reason Rally, an Washington DC event in 2012 that was the largest atheist rally in history.

See the trailer and buy tickets at

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Do note: again, you have to get a ticket; and if you're not familiar with the UCSD campus, please check the Meetup site for directions and parking suggestions. Sorry to say this about my institution but it's true - if you show up expecting to figure it out when you get there you're setting yourself up for frustration.

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