Sunday, March 2, 2014

The History of the Mount Soledad Cross as a Monument to Anti-Semitism

There's a recent chapter in San Diego history that America's Finest City would like to forget - understandably, because it's unpleasant. Marc Radazza describes it as a monument "put up in the 1950s for no other purpose but to promote Christianity. In fact, part of its purpose and effect was to signal to Jews that they were not welcome in La Jolla. (source) In 1989, when litigation over the cross began, the dishonest Christians decided to violate one of their Ten Commandments and lie that the cross was really a 'war memorial.' They then began the long pretextual process of retro-fitting it as a war memorial." (This from an attorney, in the context of telling fellow atheists to pick our separation battles wisely.)

(While you're reading about separation issues having to do with veterans memorials, here's a recent decision in our backyard up at Lake Elsinore.)

If you live in San Diego, you really should read more about it here. The history of anti-Semitism goes farther than just one cross on a hill. I look forward to the day, soon, when it actually is a war memorial, to all veterans (even atheist veterans like my dad) and not a re-adapted dog whistle to bigots.