Sunday, July 27, 2014

To San Diego New Atheists: Thank You!

It's been a challenging, fun, and all around great year. Now that my residency has taken me away from San Diego (temporarily, I hope?) the baton has passed back to the man I think of as San Diego New Atheists' own Thomas Jefferson, Pedro Sousa.

As always:

- Come to Meetups! SDNA doesn't exist without its members! (If you're an organizer: do more, and more kinds of meetups!)

- In San Diego, but haven't checked us out? Now's the time!

- SDNA is about positivity and inclusivity. Have suggestions for how the group can be even better? Find an organizer and let them know, they listen!

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Skeptical Deb said...

Thank you Michael! I wish you all the best. You have friends forever among us San Diego atheists. XOXO Debbie